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When choosing a thesis for writing an argumentative essay, it is important to understand that the thesis will be the foundation of the essay. Therefore, a write needs to ensure that they have enough evidence to support their claim or thesis. If they get to the middle of the essay and realize that they do not have enough material, they will have to abandon the thesis and start all over again, wasting both time and resources by doing this.

When writing an essay on the French Revolution, the write should understand what the topic is about. There are a few claims on how the French Revolution started. One of them is that there was conflict between the French monarchy and the people. This conflict grew too much and caused the revolution to start. This thesis is the best on which to writer because it has many facts and a lot of evidence available to support it. It will therefore be very easy to support and convince readers.

Other theses include the guillotine theory, Jacobins theory, the Bastille Day theory and the ‘Let them eat cake’ theory. Although quite credible, these theories have been discredited by many people and therefore finding enough evidence to support the claims becomes very challenging for a writer, especially depending on the length of the essay. The Jacobins theory is the also quite expansive but it will restrict the writer to only write about the Jacobins and not generally a conflict between the people and the monarchy.