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Questions about Compounds, and Strength

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  • Questions about Compounds, and Strength

    What are everyone's favorite combinations for Dry Gains, and Strength (with the exception of Tren)???

    Currently Cruising (300mg Cyp per/wk)

    8 months ago I was in the best shape of my life, I had a coach who we decided to try going heavy on gear for an extended period..we Ran

    500mg Test E
    350mg Tren A per/wk
    350mg Masteron per/wk
    350mg Npp per/wk (Didn't like this one, felt somewhat depressed.. we dropped it out after 2 weeks)
    Prami 1mg EOD
    Eximestane 12.5mg EOD
    Clen 20mcg (Pre-Training)

    I was in the absolutely biggest, and best shape of my life...I worked up to 5200 Calories...I was hit with a tragedy in may, and have gone on TRT for the past 8 Months now...
    Really loving my training, and lifestyle right now. I want to get Stronger, without a ton of water Retention...I'm somewhat estrogen sensitive, and don't like wet compounds, this and i'm a bartender so compounds that are "Feel good" are preferred.

    I was considering,

    Test E 600mg per/wk
    Equipoise 600mg Per/Wk
    Masteron 200mg per/wk
    NPP 200mg per/wk

    Thank you all for your time, and consideration