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  • I had put an update here, but may have jumped the gun a bit. Will post an update when I'm more sure of my situation.
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    • Hello Doc Ogden & VJ,

      I've been going to an HRT clinic for a while now. They prescribe up to 400mg of testosterone cypionate/week + other AAS like nandrolone decanoate and oxandrolone.

      Since I am legally scripted these items, my question is on the health implications of using these substances in low doses on a semi-regular basis. Assuming I'm getting bloodwork and checking my blood pressure (and these are in range), how dangerous is it really to alternate between 8-10 weeks of 150mg testosterone and 10-12 weeks of 300-400 testosterne + either 200 mg deca/week or 25mg-50mg anavar /day (scripted by the clinic).

      I feel like these are baby doses compared to what I've seen on the internet, but I've made good progress with them so far. I know just because I'm obtaining them legally doesn't mean that it is healthy for me. I'm in my early 30s and otherwise healthy.

      I know this is difficult to answer, but am wondering your thoughts on the health implications of this unconventional scripted HRT. My end goal is not to compete, but just to give myself a boost in performance and looking and feeling my best, while keeping health in mind.

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      • Hey docs! Quick question on leg training after minor knee surgery. I'm having a meniscectomy in a week. I know the recovery is not intensive, but I'm not wanting to push it back to injury in the gym. I plan on doing some DDP Yoga for a month or two after, thanks Vij I assume the best way to get back in the gym is not jumping straight back into the heavy weights, etc. I just wanted your input on how you would go about getting back into leg/back training after this.


        • Hey guys!

          I love your guy's show. It's a toss up with this, Blood Sweat Gear, and BNR.
          I asked tjis question on BSG too and I feel like this may be a silly question or maybe the wrong one to ask it on, but I was recently listening to another podcast where a guy was drug tested and banned by the US Anti-Doping Agency for taking DHEA.
          I am baffled at why it's banned by sports when it can be purchased at any drug store or even Wal-Mart. I was wondering if you knew what possible performance benefit or dangers would it have to make it banned?

          Thanks guys!
          Would love to hear Dr Ogden on BNR again.


          • Originally posted by AnglicanBeachParty View Post
            I had put an update here, but may have jumped the gun a bit. Will post an update when I'm more sure of my situation.
            Looking forward to the update! Hope all is well!


            • Is there any difference between egg whites from whole eggs (where you manually remove the yolks) vs. pre-packaged cartons of liquid egg whites?

              What about between liquid egg whites and liquid egg substitute (e.g., Eggbeaters brand)?


              • Hi guys, I’m a 41 year old woman who used to run to lose weight. I recently started weightlifting, my body changed fast and I have built a good amount of muscle and lost even more body fat in about 4 months. So I’m looking great now and just trying to get better. My problem is since starting the weight training my body temp has gone up a lot, I’m hot all the time, it’s almost unbearable and this has just happened since starting weightlifting. I thought I was hitting early menopause, but have had all my hormones checked and everything is in range, so it’s not that. I don’t know if you have ever experienced this or heard of it happening, any help or advice you could give would be appreciated. Thank you love the show


                • Hi again, docs. I've learned a lot since the last time I posted. This current post is meant only as an update for you guys ... not something for you to slog through on the podcast. I don't really have any question at the moment, but I may in a month or so.

                  So, the results of the 3-medication "shotgun" approach:

                  1. The doxycycline (antibiotic) did nothing.
                  2. The Bentyl did help the bladder pain quite a bit (I would say, reduced it by about 75%), as well as cleared up some chronic diarrhea I was having.
                  3. Since the Bentyl didn't work 100%, I still tried the 3rd med (Lioresal / baclofen). That didn't help at all.

                  So, I went back to the Bentyl for the time being. It's really pretty good at managing the pain.

                  Then, today, I saw my urologist again. Unlike last visit in October (when she seemed to be out of ideas), she was full of energy and all kinds of ideas today. Basically, she has suggestions for me on 3 major fronts: (1) Kidney Stone Formation; (2) Bladder Pain; and (3) Prostate Health.

                  1. Kidney Stone Formation. We went over my results from the last 24-hour urine capture, which are still quite bad. Sodium, Urea Nitrogen, Creatinine, Uric Acid, and Oxalate are all HIGH, out of normal range. She gave me some revised dietary guidelines to help remedy this situation, and will refer me to an endocrinologist.

                  2. Bladder Pain. She is fine with the Bentyl that my PCP prescribed for me. But she said that at some point, I may want to experiment with some more bladder-specific relaxers.

                  3. Prostate Health. She did a blood draw for yet another PSA test. And she did a Digital Rectal Exam to check pelvic floor tightness and the prostate. Pelvic floor seemed fine. If not, she would have recommended Physical Therapy for that. Prostate, however, maybe not so good. She found a "pea-sized nodule", which is worrisome. So, I'll need to get a biopsy for that (Feb 4), and see if maybe I have prostate cancer. Depending on what the biopsy shows, we'll go from there. May have to go off HRT, she said.

                  Side note on the prostate biopsy: She said, "Don't worry, the incidence of sepsis is only about 1 or 2 percent!" Well, that calmed me right down. Still, it's got to be done.


                  • I work as a psych NP and sometimes use propranolol for performance anxiety for both myself and patients. I'm on the fence about trying to compete sometime, and I know one of my biggest issues will be getting up on stage. I've had to do some public speaking and when I have used it, I liken it to having a beer with my closest 200 friends... it made things a lot easier. I am curious what your opinions are about this. Given what I understand of competition prep, it might not be the wisest idea to throw in something that would make BP drop. I've only had to use 10mg (maybe 20mg) to be comfortable enough in those situations.
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                    • Question for you fine Gentlemen - I got bloodwork back and everything looked solid across the board except that Platelets were high.

                      My Platelets were 590 vs. a range of 142-404. Two questions, any idea what could be causing the elevation? Any cause for concern?

                      All other blood markers, Hematocrit, Hemaglobin, RBC, etc. are perfectly in range, I am on Test/EQ/NPP at "normal" off-season doses and give blood every 8 weeks like clockwork. If everything was elevated it would make more sense (blame the EQ) but for only platelets to be off it's a bit of a mystery.


                      • First off thank you to the advices squad! You guys are all awesome. I'm currently working my way through every back episode, and learning something new everyday.
                        i was on the boards the other day and ran across an interesting thought. I pasted the post, but to sum it up the poster stated that instead of running 600mg of deca as his 19nor compound, he would combine 300deca/300 tren and consider that one 19nor compound. Is there anything to this? I will also post this to MM, D&S and BSG, as everyones takes are always fascinating. Pasted comment follows:

                        "despite what you often hear online , I really like the idea of stacking 19 nors together at lower dosages

                        the idea is that instead of running say 800mg of deca . or 600mg of tren by themselves. you do say 300mg of Tren combined with 300mg of NPP for a 'combined' 600mg.

                        most the 19 nors out there are very very different compounds and complement each other very well.

                        eg. one of the best 19 nor combos for growth. Tren and Ment.

                        they are both 19 nor, but still are very much opposites. Tren is an androgenic , ment is an anabolic , Tren is dry and non estrogenic, ment is wet and very very estrogenic. they are exact opposites even though they are both same 19 nors.

                        or again with Tren and NPP. Tren is the androgenic whereas NPP is your Anabolic. you can add more anabolic load to your Tren cycle by simply adding in NPP rather then upping your dosage of the Tren and getting more androgenic side effects.

                        19 nors stacked together can all compliment each other very well , DESPITE the steroid forum urban legend that 19 nors shouldn't be stacked together

                        I'll go so far as to stack two 19 nors together in a cycle and consider their combination as a single compound.

                        -Tren and NPP stacked together is my ONE 19 nor compound in the cycle

                        -then add in say Mast as my DHT and added androgen

                        -then add in Primo as my Anabolic

                        I consider that a 3 compound stack."


                        • Hey docs, I have a vitamin d question. A little medical history here: I'm 35 years old and at 14 had kidney stones(probably from being a fat kid who drank a ton of soda for years on end).
                          about 6 years ago i read about the benefits of vitamin d supplementation on free test, and being natty at the time began supplementing with 1500iu a day.
                          Fast forward 2 years or so and i began having symptoms of kidney stones that I'd experienced as a teenager ( left posterior back pain that came and went, along with brownish urine, especially after intense physical activity) and just chalked it up to a reoccurance of kidney stones. After a few months of waiting for this thing to hit me like a train ( like stones do) i read an article linking kidney issues to vitamin d in some people and i dropped it immediately. The symptoms went away withing a week. I've tried a few times to supplement with it again, and after 6-8 weeks it always flares up again.
                          Is there any way to still supp with vitamin d without experiencing this?
                          Thanks docs, love the show and wanted to ask a question doc ogden could answer. You guys are awesome!
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                          • So, yesterday I had my prostate biopsy. They took 14 samples from various areas of the prostate. I'll find out the results on February 11. Meanwhile, I'm reading up on all the various scary treatments for prostate cancer, including this one: Hormone therapy to STOP testosterone production!

                            "Hormone therapy is treatment to stop your body from producing the male hormone testosterone. Prostate cancer cells rely on testosterone to help them grow. Cutting off the supply of testosterone may cause cancer cells to die or to grow more slowly."

                            How much would that suck? (Rhetorical question.)


                            • Hi again, docs.

                              Got my biopsy results. All 14 samples taken from my prostate were benign. No cancer!

                              So now I can breathe a little bit. My urologist still wants me to go see an endocrinologist about the sketchy results of my urine capture test. Next steps as far as the prostate are: continue to monitor PSA, and down the line have an MRI of the area (which I think Dr. Ogden already mentioned on one podcast).

                              I'm pretty psyched at this news!


                              • Thanks again for the educational and entertaining shows.

                                any input on this: how long should one take off from training before blood work? Should one reduce their protein intake as well? (Both to get a more accurate reading and so docs don’t shit a brick)

                                also posted Ted this a for other shows-thanks!