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Drugs n Stuff w/Dave Crosland Question Thread

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    Hi guys long time listener to the advices podcast but just signed up to the forum as I'm not very technically minded so sorry if this is posted in the wrong place, I have a question for dave. I'm From the UK (Wales) I have a holiday in Turkey soon and as steroids are legal here for personal use I was wondering on how I stand legally buying gear out there and bringing it back (for personal use) I've brought gear back before from eqypt without any issues but at the moment I'm on licence (for a non drug related offence) I've been given the ok to travel by probation but I'm thinking as my passport is marked there would be more chance of me being pulled aside and checked, so if I do get checked will I be in trouble? Thanks in advance.. Ps Scott's use of the word 'kip' had me creased (dave tell explain to Scott what creased is) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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      G’day fellas. Lovin the podcast. I have a question about the role of DHEA and Pregnenolone in our overall hormone profile. I have heard/read/watched quite a bit of information lately from TRT Doctors and other people in the field that recommend testing for and supplementing with these hormones when taking testosterone. Have you guys ever had any experience with this?

      A lot of these guys also recommend using HCG too. They don’t take it to maintain fertility, but rather keep a whole range of hormones in balance. Could you also please touch on the function of HCG for us old fellas who are on TRT for ever. From what I have read, it is a common practice in the U.S to include HCG with TRT these days as it maintains a whole host of important hormones.
      Thanks Gents