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  • What's up Guys!

    History:Male 31, on 200mg per week test cyp trt, blasted on and off over the past 9 years using up to 3gs total gear per week at one point, but I'm not interested in using such high amounts for blasts again

    Let's talk cycling intelligently with low doses of different compounds to attain the "best bang for your buck in terms of sides effects/benefits" BUT keep retaining my hair in mind! Ive thought about a few scenarios as well as used hair loss prevention products in the past, right now I have nizoral shampoo and am not using minoxidil but am aware that could help as well. My hair has shed in the past with higher doses of "dht" compounds like tren, masteron or winny. Then actually regrows for the most part when i discontinue use. I actually have a really nice head of hair still lol so I want to keep it, im not very predisposed to hair loss my grandfather 84 and father 62 both still have tons of hair. I also have considered using straight test during a small blast and finasteride but i dont like the idea of some of the side effects that come from the finasteride/5ar inhibition.

    Im personally thinking keeping my test dose at 200mg per week then adding in something like 300mg eq/week, 400mg npp/week, and possibly anavar at around 20-40mg/day(or microdose of tren 10mg or less per day in place of anavar)when I want to do a little blast. And just make use of things like nizoral and minoxidil.

    Thanks guys super cool show! I enjoy listening.


    • I have a question on insulin resistance. I am a 43 year old male on trt, taking 140 mg test cyp per week. I have a family history of heart disease and type 2 diabetes on both sides of the family. I do bloodwork every 12 weeks through my trt clinic, and my fasting glucose recently came back at 112. They subsequently ran a fasting insulin test and it came back at 7.6. I want to reverse this and mitigate the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. I lift 4-5 times a week and don’t currently do cardio. Should I be on a keto diet, or is a standard, clean moderate carb, high protein bodybuilding diet a better starting point? I’ve been eating pretty unstructured with a fair bit of junk. Also, what if any supplements might improve insulin sensitivity? Thanks for any help you can offer.


      • Scott and Scott,

        In my past few relationships, my "health and fitness" lifestyle has been a source of tension in the relationship. Examples: I like to eat on a meal plan to achieve certain goals, she would like to cook unhealthy meals on a regular basis and be offended if I didn't eat them. She liked to go out to eat multiple times per week (where there aren't always healthy options). I would go to the gym 4 days per week (Fortitude Training ftw), she wouldn't understand why I couldn't skip a day or a week of training, for that matter, on a regular basis. When I am close to achieving a goal, she would want to spontaneously go on a several day long trip, which left me no time to prep meals, etc.

        This is an amalgamation of experiences from multiple relationships I've had. I am starting to feel that it is not a matter of us having different hobbies, but rather living different lifestyles. Is it possible over the long term to be in a relationship with someone who has no interest in health and wellness, and whose interests often conflict with living a bodybuilding lifestyle? It's not like I prefer chocolate and she prefers vanilla. This is something that pervades daily life.

        I know compromise is the name of the game in relationships, but constantly making compromises can lead to both people being unhappy...

        What are your thoughts/experiences when it comes to bodybuilders dating someone with no interest in health and fitness? Any strategies you have used in your own lives to make it work?



        • Hi Guys! Very simple and short one here. Would like to hear Dr. Scotts opinion on Broderick Chavez, I found him very funny and seems to have extraordinary amount of knowledge but kinda goes against a lot of ''gurus''

          P.S You should get him on Advices he loves to talk lol


          • HI Guys! Thank you for all the knowledge you are sharing, really appriciate it!!

            Im studyimg to become a nutritionist and during the last 5-6 years helped people with diet and got myself pretty lean many times, so I do have some practical experience. But I have a 22 year old female client which i dieted down last year with no problem, ended at around 1500 kcal, and then gradually increaed her kcal up to around 2300 where she was able to build some muscles.

            3 months ago she wanted to diet down again, and we slowly decreased her kcals and increased her cardio, but very little is happening. We are now down to 1500kcal and up to 45 min cardio 5 times a week, and strenght training 1,25 hour x 6days a week. And i dont really understand why. She is 125lbs and relatively lean, but she wants visible abs.

            This last month we started implementing; Carb cycling, zero carbs in meal 1 and 15 min HIIT 3 times a week. But progess is so damn slow this time, the scale isnt really moving. I have her eat all the veggies she want, which is about 400g a day not included in the 1500kcal.

            Last year during the diet she had another job where she was active and now shes not that active at work. I know she dont cheat on her diet, besides the one cheatmeal she has a week. She feels fine, not drained, hungry or overtrained, but mentally its pretty rough and stressing for her (me too), that things a not working.

            So what should we do? should kcal go even lower, skip cheatmeal, or maybe even a totalt diet break...?

            Thx guys, and sorry for the long post.


            • Question regarding Dr Scott’s thoughts on a recent Advices episode where the guest talks about a study where creatine hcl showed a large increase in muscle mass and fat loss at a 5gram dose...



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                • Hey guys,
                  I have a question on dietary cholesterol after training. I noticed some time back that when I consume whole eggs, chicken gizzards, or beef liver post workout for a few days, my physique tends to be a bit fuller and hold less subcutaneous water. I recall on a previous show where Dr. Stevenson was talking about muscles increasing their uptake of cholesterol post training. After reading BYOBB Coach, I am reminded also of dietary fats increasing intra-muscular fat stores. With that in mind, I tried replicating the effects that the organ meats and eggs had on my physique by using monounsaturated fats from various sources such as olive oil and avocados to no avail. I am sure there are several factors that could be affecting my physique such as Vitamin A and many others that I may be looking over, but does Dr. Stevenson have any knowledge on whether or not dietary cholesterol can have a "hardening" effect (acutely) on the body when consumed post workout? For what it is worth, all of these "experiments" were ran in a fairly depleted state.

                  Thanks for all you do.


                  • Hey guys, after hearing Scott mention his herniated disc last week, I’d like to hear more about how you trained around it, and how you overcame it?
                    I injured my back a year ago and im still waiting to see a specialist about it, I was using way to much Advil to deal with the pain and in April I cut it out completely, im using cbd oil and a teeter am to get effect and I’m comfortably squatting 365, but sometimes it still flares up,
                    just wanted some advice with how you have felt with injuries and trained around them,
                    thanks Rick


                    • Hey guys—asked this question for blood sweat and gear too...but i think Dr. Scott would have a good opinion on this as well

                      For years guys like Dante and other coaches have been preaching about holding onto MASS after an offseason. Basically trying to hold a new set point. So basically, bulk and blast hard...then hold on to that weight for awhile to get use to it (dont immediately cut!)...but the new hot topic from guys like John Meadows to just about ANY coaches now is the "mini diet." Basically bulk and blast hard, and when you get too fat or insulin resistance, diet for 3-6 weeks in the middle down......interesting but wouldnt that just be a waste of your first half of your bulk? Wouldn't you just lose whatever NEW TISSUE you had immediately in that mini diet?

                      This kinda goes into the question of — how resistance or sensitive is NEW TISSUE to being lost in a cut? Does it take a long time to hold (set point) or can someone just blast back and forth between cut and bulk without worrying about losing this new tissue?

                      Apologize for the long winded question guys!


                      • Am interested in the long term effects that Anabolic/Androgenic Steroids can have on facial structure. It's not something that particularly bothers me but I recently stumbled across a photo of myself before I ever used anabolics and some of my friends who didn't know me then could barely believe it was me. The main difference is now that I have a wider and significantly chubbier looking face (even when off anabolics for several months). I'm curious whether this could be due to permanent structural changes to my face or more likely fat storage from high estrogen. Obviously this isn't something either of you gentlemen could answer, especially with no idea what I actually look like. I'm just curious to hear you have a discussion regarding some of the lesser discussed side effects from AAS use, such as face shape changes and any other things that come to mind that people maybe aren't aware of.


                        • Could Dr Scott please discuss the role dietary fat plays in building muscle and repairing muscle

                          are they largely overrated? Or do they not often get the respect they deserve


                          • Gday from Australia... love the show fellas.

                            Question for Scott ( I like to be ambiguous) lol

                            Could you please discuss blood work in regards to high creatinine levels and its accuracy in determining true potential kidney impairment etc.

                            Im 34... have been using anabolics very very mildy for only 3 years and not for long periods...

                            I decided to get my bloods done and creatinine came back at 124 with the range here in Australia recommending 60-110

                            could this be artificially raised due to protein intake or anything else.... or should I be getting my kidneys checked out

                            thanks Scott and thanks scott


                            • Backstory: My dad is a 70 year old former bodybuilder who was born with fused hips and clubbed feet, having to undergo a number of surgeries, and diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at a young age.

                              Nutrition: My dad sustained two near-critical heart attacks which has lent to a fear-based eating disorder. He ate very little for a period of time, dropping protein in particular, and lost a TON of weight. He bottomed out at 143lbs, at which point my mom asked me to intervene.

                              I got him on a dopamine-based diet and we’ve got his weight up a bit (152lbs), but his protein intake continues to suffer. He’s not a fan of chicken breast, but brags about his four eggs a day because he feels like he eats like a champ! (It’s likely the only protein he gets! )

                              Mental: Mentally, he’s top shelf. He’s become reengaged by the bodybuilding world since seeing me compete for the first time this spring, sharing my best friend’s cut this summer/fall, and sharing Olympia weekend together for his 70th birthday.

                              He has decided that over the winter he needs to start lifting again. (Insert heart-swell here) I got him some mobility bands last Christmas, so together with those, he’s started lifting 3lb and 4lb weights.

                              What are some good nutritional and supplementation recommendations, including protein intake, that he could implement to maintain his gains and allow him to thrive?

                              Thanks in advance!



                              • Could you talk on androgen receptor sensitivity vs density and what impact this has on progress/response and how we can manipulate it to our advantage. Could l carnitine l tartrate be helpful in this scenario as there's some evidenced saying it Increases androgen receptor density? If so, how would you implement it for a competitor that blasts and cruises? More beneficial to use it during blasts or Cruises?

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