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  • Question for Dr. Stevenson: I've heard a few fairly intelligent guys i know state that they'd recently read a study asserting that testicular atrophy from running a cycle including trenbolone has a high potential to be irreversible. I dug a bit on PubMed but couldn't come up with anything. Have you heard anything relating to this?


    • Question for both of you fine gentlemen - are there certain foods that you avoid or that you tell your clients to avoid because of the potential inflammatory response?

      For example, I've heard peanuts can be inflammatory so would it make sense to swap peanuts/peanut butter for almonds/almond butter? Are there any other foods that you've seen have a negative visual effect on someone's physique, despite lacking any scientific or clinical data to support its avoidance?


      • ​​​​​Hey guys. Love the show and it was awesome meeting both of you at the Live Podcast event. Big thanks Dr. Scott for signing my copy of BYOBB coach and thanks Scott for taking me on as a client. Here's my question

        I tanked my test, LH, and FSH (192, 1.3,and 1 respectively). I'm new to gear and followed what I now know (thanks advices radio network) was bad advice. After speaking to an HRT Doc I was prescribed HCG to get back to a normal state. The interesting part was that the Doctor said I should expect to be producing 800-1000 ng/dL at the end of it. I didn't think it was possible to bring someone's own test production up to a high level like that using HCG. Is this sustainable after you stop using HCG? It'd be great to hear your knowledge and ideas on the matter.

        I'm going to post this on BSG as well.




        • Hi guys

          Does elevated estrogen levels cause BPH

          I can’t seem to get a straight answer online some studies say it does but updated studies say no it doesn’t, what’s the final verdict according to the 1.5 Dr’s


          • Hi Guys

            great show, loving each episode!

            I’ve asked this on Drugs N Stuff but was interested in Dr Stephenson’s reply, why do AI’s and SERMS affect eye sight especially the side effect of cataracts and is there any estrogen blocker out there that doesn’t have the potential to cause cataracts ?

            Many thanks Stevie Wonder


            • G’day fellas. Lovin the podcast. I posted this question to the "Drugs and Stuff" podcast. There are so many differing opinions on this subject and would love to hear Dr Scott's thoughts

              I have a question about the role of DHEA and Pregnenolone in our overall hormone profile. I have heard/read/watched quite a bit of information lately from TRT Doctors and other people in the field that recommend testing for and supplementing with these hormones when taking testosterone. Have you guys ever had any experience with this?

              A lot of these guys also recommend using HCG too. They don’t take it to maintain fertility, but rather keep a whole range of hormones in balance. Could you also please touch on the function of HCG for us old fellas who are on TRT for ever. From what I have read, it is a common practice in the U.S to include HCG with TRT these days as it maintains a whole host of important hormones.
              Thanks Gents


              • Hey guys! Loving every episode.

                I wanted to know if either Scott use Kettlebells swings. I know Dr Scott isn’t a fan of cardio, but I find kettlebell swings to be a fantastic form of HIIT cardio that doesn’t overwork your body, in my opinion anyway. I’ve done sessions swinging a 60# kettlebell for sets of 20 followed by 30 seconds rest and even just 10 minutes leaves you super sweaty, but there isn’t any doms or anything from it. I’m just curious if either of you have clients use them for cardio or if either of you have ever used them that way. I’m hoping Dr Scott can wig out on the ability to burn fat HIIT style with out causing too much muscle damage. Or is it not working as well as I think it is?

                Thanks guys!

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                • Scott and Dr. Scott,
                  I know it’s been a while but that’s life. Right!

                  So here goes. My anterior delts have overwhelmed my chest to the point that the posterior rotator cuff muscles have elongated and my shoulders roll forward while in a neutral stance. Now my front delt chest tie-ins are tight and my shoulders are paying for it. I’ve been working on this for over a year now and things are getting better and after talking with my Physical Therapist and doing different modalities to correct the issue, she also suggested doing more exercises such as dead lifts and shrugs using a supinated grip vice a pronated to strengthen the posterior rotator cuff muscles.

                  Also could this be a reason why I cannot supinate my hands even to a palm up position parallel to the axial plane or is this just a biomechanics issue?

                  I hope I have given all of the information needed do you answer the questions, If not please reach out.

                  As always thanks for taking the time to answer the questions and love the podcast guys.

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                  • Hey guys! Dante recently posted about the benefits of combining pycnogenol with ubiquinol to protect against LVH and other heart issues. I found a study on it showing a 22.4% increase in ejection fraction with this combo so I was keen to try this.
                    i was intrigued to understand whether the pycnogenol’s role was was to provide anthocyanadins or something more specific.
                    Could the same heart benefits be gained from other anthocyanadin rich ingredients combined with ubiquinol?

                    I also came across this research on anthocynanins potential for preventing and treating atherosclerosis.
                    Is this likely to be the contribution pycnogenol makes to the improvement in ejection fraction and general heart health, or is this an added bonus?

                    thanks guys, love the show!



                    • Hey guys,

                      Could Dr. Scott please unleash his massive brain on the topic of recovery drinks, either intra- or post-workout? Are they really necessary for someone who has a large solid meal an hour before training? And, as a bonus question, what would Dr. Scott recommend as a protein source in a recovery drink for a client who cannot tolerate dairy protein?



                      • Hello Scotts,

                        Love the podcasts, big fan since even before the Advices Radio days. First, a quick thanks for the education and entertainment that you both share so regularly.

                        I was hoping to pick your brains on a recurring issue I have with nipple bumps developing. I’m on prescription TRT and my treatment plan is as follows:

                        -100mg Test Cyp twice a week
                        -500IU HCG twice a week
                        -.5mg Anastrozole twice a week

                        And when my nipple bumps show up my TRT specialist puts me on 20 mg of Tamoxifen daily until they go away.

                        I just had my labs done and my test was in the low 900s and my estradiol was at 22. I’m concerned that the nipple bumps are not from estrogen, but maybe something else since my estrogen has never been tested over 25. Are there other factors I could look into or precautions I might take to prevent potential gyno development?

                        A little background, I’m 34 years old, eat a nutritional rich diet with 2-3 free meals a week, and live a very physically active lifestyle with either bodybuilding, cardio, olympic weightlifting, or yoga daily.

                        Thanks for any information you can share and for the great podcasts!


                        • Gentlemen
                          question for the doc
                          having an acupuncture background what is your opinion on Gua Sha and cupping in general and pertaining to bodybuilding? And how late into a contest prep can a competitor still receive bodywork without it possibly affecting his look but possible inflammation?
                          thank you. Great work!


                          • Hello Scotts, Recently got my bloods back.
                            After 1g Test 500mg Deca cycle for 14 weeks, kick-started with 4 weeks Anadrol, my ALT levels were 86 U/L where the reference range is <50 U/L on February 4th. Went down to cruise dose, 250mg administered every 2 weeks (125mg/week)
                            I re-did my bloods on April 24th after being on cruise at 125mg Test E/week, 7 weeks, no training 7 days before bloods. No drugs, had 1 beer on the weekend to celebrate Easter. Been taking NAC 1000mg and Himalaya Liver Care, 2 tabs/day (recommended serving) and drinking a shitload of water. Prioritizing anti-oxidants, Vit C and Greens Powder.
                            My ALT Levels have come back at 92 U/L in a reference range of <50. Creatinine levels slightly elevated as well 119 umol/L (reference 67-117).
                            I’m 235lbs at probably 15% body fat.
                            How the fuck have they gone up? What the fuck can I do?
                            I appreciate any insight, as I am very worried, thank you!

                            **I have attached a screenshot of my blood work**
                            Attached Files


                            • Hi Scott and Dr. Scott
                              I have always been interested in acupuncture and have recently learned about ear seeds as a way to treat anxiety, obesity, addiction, mood disorders, etc.
                              Dr. Scott, do you have any experience with these? What are your thoughts on this treatment? Pros, cons? I'm curious. Also, what is the benefit for gut health with these or regular acupuncture?
                              Thank you!


                              • Hello gentlemen, I am on a TRT dose of test at 175mg/wk. I have had bad acne on my back and shoulders for a while, recently this last year it got out of control. So bad I wouldn’t even wear a tank top to the gym anymore. A buddy of mine recommended I try DIM, as he was struggling with the same issue and said it fixed his acne. So I have been taking 200mg DIM 2x a day, for about a month now and my acne has gone down 90% on my body. How is this possible? Can you please explain more about DIM and how it works in the body? Is 400mg a good dose? Does splitting the dose up help keep hormones balanced? I am interested to hear y’alls opinions because I LOVE Advices but I have not heard this solution on any of the shows before. Anyways I hope I can help at least 1 person out there in a similar boat as me, as I was about to hop on Accutane but I’m so glad I found this.