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Post natural show PCT??

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  • Post natural show PCT??

    Hi guys just competed naturally. My blood work shoes I have low Test, LH and Fsh. I don’t want to wait months for my hormones to come back in range. I’ve made the decision to stop competing on the natural side. Any suggestions on compounds to take to help the process out. My balls have not atrophied just low hormone levels. Thanks a lot.
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    Have you ever done gear before? I'm no expert when it comes to competing, but if you are suppressed, depleted from competing, wouldn't you want to recover naturally, and get more bloods done in say 2 months to see where you are at? Last thing you want to do now is to take external hormones that will suppress even more without knowing your "non-competing" baseline. Im sure the experts here will chime in and know more than I, Im sort of just thinking out loud. Good luck though...