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Whats your try dosage?

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  • Whats your try dosage?

    Whats your doc got you on? Intrested in seeing what non trt docs have you on, actual endos. Trt docs too but Im pretty sure they will be higher/better lol.

    Im on 200 EOW.

    Going to start 100 EW as soon as my first bloods are done. Maybe throw in another 100 a week of UG.

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    200mg Test Cypionate a week..i split it 100mg mon and 100mg thurs....FDA max presrcibing guideline is 200mg a week unless you have a medical condition like muscle wasting ...which is mainly for HIV/AIDS positive males....then the doses or combined doses of Test and other AAS can be prescribed...

    There are anti-aging Doctors who will prescribe over 200mg a week but they in general do not take insurance....are expensive and your scripts have to be filled at a compound pharmacy with cash...

    i have seen as high as 750mg Test Cyp, 500mg Deca, 25-50mg Anavar and 2-4iu ed HGH before...and some are big on Sermorelin or Ipamorelin also...


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      Holy crap, I guess technically I'm already on 100/wk. But 200 EOW sucks, I definitely feel a drop off


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        I'm prescribed 200 a week and split it into 2 shots a week.

        And I don't care what your doctor tells you knock it off with the every other week shit. Split it up.


        • Derek
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          well I am now, he wanted to see my levels after 2 weeks, so I had to suck it up for a month. Just did a shot yesterday. Gonna do 1x a week for now, until i get used to the shots then maybe split it up even more.

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        Doc has me on 100 Cyp twice a week (Mon, Wed).
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        • s2h
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          doctor with a brain...rare find...stick with him imho...

        • Devin68691
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          I made the correction to 100mg twice a week. My bad guys, need to proof read better. 👍

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        Originally posted by Devin68691
        Doc has me on 200 Cyp twice a week (Mon, Wed).
        You're prescribed 400mg a week? I need your doc.

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        • s2h
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          i think he meant 200mg ew split into 100mg mon and 100mg 200mg total ew...

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        190mg Test Cypionate every Monday morning. It keeps my test levels around 800-950 6-7 days after injection and I feel good at this level. I don't experience any notable major growth at this dosage, but I am definitely maintaining muscle and growing slowly, but surely.
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          Hey guys, I am on 200mg a week too but I have access to more test cyp so I toy around with my dosages (up to 400mg weekly for 4 weeks blasts) and back to normal 200mg weekly for 6 - 8 weeks.

          Unfortunately, despite the blasts, I do not experience significant muscle growth neither.

          Damn I am no Phil Health!